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McAfee Total Protection– Introduction

McAfee Total Protection is an epic security suite which protects 3 to 10 devices, depending on your preference. This is an amazing antivirus program which is perfect for protection against internet dangers such as viruses, ransomware, identity theft and more. With this suite, you get the total protection, hence the name, against every possible online threat that will be absolutely lethal for your device and the information in it. Except for the already mentioned rudimentary features, there are several other functions that it performs, which assist the optimal functioning of the software in providing your devices with overall protection.

MacAfee Total Protection – Benefits & Features

The benefits and especially the importance of having an antivirus to protect your home devices cannot be measured in any terms. This is why you should invest in McAfee Total Protection Software, instead of buying the standalone antivirus for each device of yours. You get the whole package of incredible features such as McAfee Active Protection, which blocks the virus from spreading, NetGuard which is a two-way firewall protecting and checking the data traffic, SiteAdvisor, Network Manager, anti-spam email filter which is excellent in keeping threats at bay, and File lock.

Surfing on the Social Networking sites can be fun, but it is equally important to consider its dangers. Social Network protection is one such feature which will guard you the whole time while you are surfing. It also has some rudimentary features included in Internet security like QuickClean, Shredder, Scanner and, parental control which render more protection.

McAfee Total Protection – Buy online

There is no need to worry about the availability, as you can buy McAfee Total Protection online from our website. We not only provide authentic and genuine products but also at the cheapest prices. You can avail of interesting deals and discounts on our website. Moreover, we provide assistance regarding the installation process, setup, configuration, and any other issue with your product as well. Feel free to call on our toll-free number where you will get the instant help.

McAfee Total Protection – Download & Install

It is rather obvious that you cannot use any software until it is successfully downloaded and installed into the system. Also, the procedure is really facile; you only need to follow our lead. Open any web browser available to you and navigate to our website. When you see the search bar, type your product’s name in it. From the search results, select ‘McAfee Total Protection’. When you are prompted to pay for the selected product, make the payment. After this, you will get your product as a file. Double-click on the downloaded ‘.exe.’ file and after that hit the ‘Run’ option on the pop-up. Click on the ‘install’ option that is shown on the resultant window to initiate the installing. Now, follow the rest of the on-screen steps and then wait for a while for the process to get completed.

McAfee Total Protection – Activation

The second most rudimentary and obvious step after the installation is to activate the purchased product. You can only avail the benefits of the terrific features of the software, when you have registered your product with McAfee and have linked it with your McAfee Account. Make sure to visit our website to activate McAfee Total Protection 2018 with the product key that was provided to you at the time of purchase. It is important to perform this procedure in the right way, so, on our website you will get the necessary help regarding any issues or questions on the Activation process.

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